Genusity's 3 Phase Bonus System
Launches World Wide!

Just 4 Cycles Makes You...
$12,550 PAID DAILY!
Over & Over Again...

Genusity's 3 Phase System offers people a powerful way to turn a one-time purchase into $12,550!
By simply purchasing a one-time $70 "GenEntry Product Package", referring "2" people (no referring required to participate or earn bonuses) who will do the same, you can make $10,300 and then, $12,550 over and over again PAID DAILY! Over the next few weeks, you'll see your team start to "duplicate" this process, which will eventually earn you a combined net total of $10,300, the first time you complete just 4 Cycles in all "3" Phases , then $12,550 every time you repeat the process thereafter, which could potentially happen even faster the next time around, as your team expands!

With your GenEntry Product Package you'll receive one of our our highest selling products, GenMink!


Participation in Genusity's 3 Phase Bonus System is completely optional, and is not a solicitation to participate. Any reference to bonus income potential is not a guarantee or warranty of earnings, and any bonus income earned is based on a Distributors own efforts, experience, commitment, hard work, and dedication. Please see our Earnings Disclaimer at the bottom of this page for more details.

This is "Private Invite Only" At This Time!


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Here are some facts about Genusity and why you should seriously consider ordering a GenEntry Cycler Bonus Pack during this pre-launch phase!

  1. ESTABLISHED: Genusity has been in business since August of 2017, and has paid commissions and shipped products on time to multiple countries worldwide.
  2. DEBT-FREE: Genusity is a debt-free, privately owned company located in North Carolina, USA.
  3. MANAGEMENT: Genusity management team collectively has over 72 years of direct sales, network marketing, and consulting experience.
  4. COMPENSATION PLAN: Genusity offers a one-of-a-kind Bonus and Commission System that pays up to 100% Daily and Monthly Fast Start and Residual Commissions as well as up to 55% Daily Retail Commissions.
  5. COMMISSIONS: Genusity has never missed a commission run since it was established.
  6. PRODUCT PRICING: Genusity's NEW Business Model get's rid of the age-old stigma of Network Marketing products always being of low quality and over priced! Genusity's products are of the highest quality at the guaranteed lowest prices that can be found anywhere in the World! Our Customers pay below wholesale prices and our Distributors pay below manufacture's cost in most cases!
  7. PRODUCTS: Genusity is always looking to add new, cutting edge products to existing product line.
  8. COMPLIANCE: Genusity offers health, wellness, beauty, and more products, as well as a marketing plan structure that is compliant both domestically and internationally.
  9. SUPPORT: Genusity offers live "phone" and Support Ticket customer service during normal business hours.
  10. LONGEVITY: Genusity has been designed to be a LEGACY Company and viable for a long time, so that even your heirs can inherit your account.


*Required Field.          Your Privacy Is Guaranteed!
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The Genusity 3 Phase Bonus System

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The GenPro IR upgrade given to you requires a monthly autoship of $79.95 + USA tax and S&H that can be paid from your commissions and canceled at anytime. If canceled you lose your GenCycler 2.0 position and are ranked back down to a Free Team Member. Remember, by the time you receive this IR upgrade, you have probably made enough money to cover this autoship.

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